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400 Level Courses

Course Codesort iconCourse TitleCourse Details
CSB499Y1YProject in Cell and Systems Biology II Download
CSB497H1F/S/498Y1YProject in Cell and Systems Biology I Download
CSB491H1STeam-Based Research: Research in Cell and Molecular Biology Download
CSB490H1FTeam-Based Learning: Advanced Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology Download
CSB483H1FSeminar in Development Download
CSB475H1SPlant Metabolomics Download
CSB474H1SMethods in Genomics and Proteomics Download
CSB473H1SChemical Genomics Download
CSB472H1SComputational Genomics and Bioinformatics Download
CSB460H1FPlant Signal Transduction Download
CSB459H1FPlant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Download
CSB458H1SEpigenetics Download
CSB452H1FMolecular Plant-Microorganism Interactions Download
CSB450H1FProteomics in Systems Biology Download
CSB447H1SLiving Without Oxygen: Microbes to Mammals Download
CSB445H1FBiology of Sleep Download
CSB435H1FRegulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology Download
CSB432H1SAdvanced Topics in Cellular Neurophysiology Download
CSB431H1SEvolution of Development Download
CSB430H1SNeurogenesis Download
CSB430H1SNeurogenesis Download
CSB429H1SGerm Cell Biology Download
CSB428H1FAdvanced Cell Biology II: Cell Polarity and Cytoskeletal Dynamics Download
CSB426H1FPhysiology of Stress and Reproduction Download