TypeCampusGraduate ProgramsResearch Areas
NameResearch DescriptionResearch Areas
Michelle AartsBiochemistry and signal transduction in ischemia, proteomics, molecular biology, ion channel biology, neuroscience.
Mounir AbouHaidarVirology. Research interests lie in the area of the molecular biology of plant and animal viruses. Development of "transgenic" plants resistant to viruses: mechanisms of resistance. Research interests lie in the area of the molecular biology
James B. AndersonPopulation genetics & evolution of fungi
Michael BarrettInsect Physiology and Biochemistry
Thomas BerlethDevelopmental Genomics
Rudy BoonstraThe Role Stress in Natural Populations
Ian R. BrownMolecular Biology, Neurobiology
Ashley BruceAnalysis of early development in the zebrafish
Leslie BuckMetabolic and Neurophysiology
David G. ButlerHormonal control of osmoregulation
Malcolm CampbellFunctional genomics of plant growth and development
Belinda ChangMolecular Evolution of Vision, Experimental Studies of Ancestral Proteins
Hai-Ying (Mary) ChengCircadian clock mechanisms in mammals; genetic determinants of adult neurogenesis
Dinesh ChristendatPlant biochemistry, proteomics and analysis of protein structure.
John R. ColemanMolecular biology & biochemisty of photosynthesis
Sherwin S. DesserStudy of the systematics, life history, morphology, epizootiology, ultrastructure and pathogenesis of protistan, moneran and certain viral parasites in their vertebrate and invertebrate hosts
Darrell DesveauxMechanisms of bacterial virulence and plant disease resistance
Elizabeth EdwardsBioremediation of contaminated soil & ground water
Ingo EnsmingerPlant Physiology & Global Change Molecular Physiology of Trees; Photosynthesis and Carbon metabolism; Development of Tools for Marker Assisted Selection in Trees
Suzanne ErbNeurobiology of substance abuse, relapse to drug use, relationship between stress and drug seeking, neuronal plasticity.
George S. EspiePhotosynthesis, CO2 concentrating mechanisms (CCM), membrane transport CO2 /HCO3-, carboxysome structure / function, carbonic anhydrase structure / function / evolution, microalgal photosynthesis & CCMsmitochondion / chloroplast interactions
Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez
Mark FitzpatrickEvolutionary genetics of behaviour
Roberta R. FulthorpeMicrobial Ecology
Christopher GarsideLecturer
Sonia GazzarriniFunctional genomics, cell and molecular biology of seed development and germination. Hormone interaction. Abiotic stress.
Robert GerlaiBehavioural genetics and neuroscience, animal behaviour, rodents and fish
Dorothea GodtCell and Molecular Biology of Development
Daphne GoringCell-cell communication, receptor kinase signalling, and protein ubiquitination in plants
David S GuttmanComparative, evolutionary and functional genomics. Evolution of host specificity and virulence in pathogenic bacteria.
Tony HarrisCell Polarity and Animal Development
Rene Harrisoncell biology, osteoclasts, cytoskeleton, vesicle trafficking, microscopy
Clare HasenkampfMeiosis & chromosome function
Michele C. HeathPlant-microbe interactions and mycology. Cellular and molecular studies of plant resistance or susceptibility to biotrophic fungal pathogens. * Emeritus Member, no active lab.
Johan A. HellebustBiochemistry and physiology of osmoregulation * Emeritus Member, no active lab
Verna J. HigginsPlant pathology/host-parasite interactions. Physiological basis of genetically determineddisease resistance. * Emeritus Member, no active lab.
Melissa M. HolmesBehavioural Neuroscience; Neuroendocrinology; Social Neuroscience
Rutsuko ItoNeurobiology of Learning and Motivation; Animal models of addiction; and schizophrenia
Voula KanelisChemistry - Biochemistry & Bioanalytical Chemistry
Junchul KimRecombinase, Transgenic mouse, Anxiety, Serotonergic neuron, Neuron manipulation, Hippocampus, Animal behaviors.
Linda M. KohnFungal evolution: systematics, population biology and ecology.
Herbert J. KronzuckerIon Transport in Plants
Angela LangeIntegrative aspects of insect reproductive physiology
Ellie W. LarsenDevelopmental Genetics and Evolution
Joel LevineCircadian Clocks and Social Behavior in Drosophila
David LovejoyHormone form & function
Nathan Lovejoy
Andrew C. MasonNeuroethology, bioacoustics, invertebrate sensory systems
Emma MasterBiocatalysts for the production of new materials from plant biomass. Enzyme Engineering, Fungal genomics and proteomics.
Yoshio MasuiDevelopmental Biology
Peter McCourtMolecular genetics of plant hormone signal transduction
Patrick O. McGowanEpigenetic mechanisms in neuroplasticity and the response to stress as a function of parental factors in mammals.
David R. McMillenSynthetic biology (design and construction of novel cellular devices in living cells, to alter and control their behaviour); systems biology (the dynamics and behaviour of cells and networks).
Joshua N. MilsteinQuantitative Biology; Conformational DNA Dynamics; Stochastic Gene Expression
Jennifer MitchellGenome Folding and Regulation of Gene Expression
Douglas Ashley MonksBiological Psychology - Sex differences, Sex behaviour, Endocrinology, Neuromuscular systems, Genetics.
Alan MosesRegulatory sequences and networks. Evolution of regulatory systems. Comparative genomic and other computational and experimental approaches.
Nicholas MrosovskyPhysiology and behaviour
Eiji NambaraPlant hormone metabolism and its action
Joanne NashCell and molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis and symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Melody NeumannSenior Lecturer, Course Coordinator BIO130/230/255/CSB349/490
Danton H. O'DayRoles of calmodulin binding proteins (CaMBPs) in cell function
Ian OrchardInsect Neurophysiology
Francis Ouellette
John PeeverNeurobiology of Sleep
Sergio PeisajovichSynthetic and Systems Biology of Regulatory Networks. Network evolution and engineering.
Nicholas ProvartBioinformatics; gene expression in plants in response to abiotic and biotic stresses; use of gene expression data to study genome evolution; hypothesis generation with large publicly-available data sets
Stephen G. ReidRespiratory Physiology and Neurobiology
Blake RichardsNeural computation and the neurobiology of learning and memory
C. Daniel RiggsCellular & molecular aspects of plant development; homedomain proteins & chromatin structure
Maurice RinguetteMolecular Biology and Development
Patricia RomansMolecular Genetics of the Malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles gambiae
Betty I. Roots
Hargurdeep (Deep) SainiPlant Physiology
J.J. Berry SmithSensory Physiology and Behavioural Mechanisms in Insects
Marla B. SokolowskiBehaviour Genetics
Richard StephensonSleep research
Bryan StewartNeurophysiology; Molecular Genetics of Synaptic Transmission; Synaptic Development
Kaori Takehara-NishiuchiPhysiology of cognition; Neural mechanisms of long-term memory
Ulrich TepassCell and Molecular Biology of Development
Mauricio R. TerebiznikCellular microbiology.
Stephen S. TobeArthropod endocrinology
Bebhinn TreanorMolecular immunology, intercellular communication, cell signalling, imaging
Vincent TropepeMolecular Developmental Neurobiology and Adult Neurogenesis
Greg VanlerbergheMy research program applies physiological, biochemical and molecular biological approaches to study various aspects of metabolism, nutrition, and cell physiology in plants.
Sue VarmuzaMolecular Developmental Biology
Kenneth Welchmuscle metabolism and mechanical performance; control, fueling and powering of locomotion; physiological ecology of nectarivores
J. Tim WestwoodRegulation of Gene Expression
John P. WilliamsDetermination of the metabolic pathways and sites of biosynthesis of lipids in plants. * Emeritus Member, no active lab.
Rudolf WinklbauerAmphibian Gastrulation
Melanie WoodinActivity-Induced Plasticity of Inhibitory Synapses
Guojun YangActivity, regulation and evolution of mobile genetic elements; development of bioinformatics tools; molecular genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics
Keiko YoshiokaPlant-microbe interaction
Rongmin ZhaoMolecular chaperones; Cellular protein homeostasis