Upcoming Seminar

26 Sep 2014 - 2:00pm
“Seeing the Beacon in the Storm: The EVA-1 Co-Receptor Enables UNC-40/DCC to Respond to a Localized Guidance Cue at the Expense

Prof. Peter Roy

Dept of Molecular Genetics
University of Toronto

Prof. Maurice Ringuette

maurice [dot] ringuette (at)utoronto [dot] ca

Ramsay Wright Building, Room 432

Featured Hot Paper

Mahadevan, V., Pressey, J.C., Acton, B.A., Uvarov, P., Huang, M.Y., Chevrier, J., Puchalski, A., Li, C.M., Ivakine, E.A., Airaksinen, M.S., Delpire, E., McInnes, R.R., Woodin, M.A. (2014).  Kainate Receptors Coexist in a Functional Complex with KCC2 and Regulate Chloride Homeostasis in Hippocampal Neurons. Cell Press. Cell Reports 7, 1762–1770. Abstract




Welcome to the Department of Cell & Systems Biology

The molecular biology revolution that dominated the life sciences in the second half of the 20th century has given us an unprecedented ability to explore the behaviour of cells - the fundamental units of life - in terms of molecular processes within and between cells. Researchers in the Department of Cell and Systems Biology, combine many different high-throughput, cell imaging, and physiological methods to characterize and understand cellular and physiological processes in both model (Arabidopsis, Drosophila, Mouse, Zebrafish, Pseudomonads) and non-model organisms.


Latest News

To Dig Deep into the Mine of Our Minds and Find out How We Really Remember

Roberta Walker - host of CBC's Think About It, speaks with
neuroscientist Dr. Sheena Josselyn who studies memory systems at the Hospital for Sick Children. We also sit down with Dr. John Peever, a neurobiologist at the University of Toronto who studies sleep and explores its relationship to memory on the show. We're then enlightened about the differences between computer and human memory systems by former MIT visiting scholar, hacker and bioentrepreneur Connor Dickie.

Peter McCourt Receives the IPGSA Silver Medal

Professor Peter McCourt was recently awarded the Silver Medal from the International Plant Growth Substance Association (IPGSA) at an international meeting of the association held in Shanghai in June, 2013. The Silver medal is the colloquial name for the IPGSA distinguished research award that is presented every three years at the tri-annual meeting.  read more »

Nicholas Provart, David Guttman, and Alan Moses awarded a Genome Canada Grant

These CSB researchers, along with EEB researcher Stephen Wright, were awarded a $1 million grant in the most recent Genome Canada Bioinformatics and Computational Biology competion for their "Large data sets and novel tools for plant biology for use in international consolidation-tier data repositories and portals" grant proposal. Their work will help researchers deal with the deluge of data being generated for plants.  read more »

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